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Welcome to Denmark!


Denmark, its name bring up images of the Vikings, the tales of Hans Christian Andersen and the world famous Little Mermaid, the long nights of winter, a high standard of living, furniture advanced level, the famous beer Carlsberg, Lego toys, filmmakers world famous, as Lars Von Trier, but let us show and explain some things not so well known in this small but great country.

Did you know, for example,  that Denmark despite its small size, if we exclude Greenland, which is an autonomous region of the same, has more than 7,000 km. of coastline? And it has more than 400 islands?

Copenhagen, the capital, with only 570,000 inhabitants has three royal castles, each different from each other, different styles and with different functions, each and every one of them can be visited; only 30 Kms. it is Malmö, Sweden’s third city, unites with Copenhagen through the engineering marvel that is the bridge over the Strait of Øresund.

On the outskirts of the capital are two other magnificent castles, Frederiksborg, converted in National Museum, the best preserved Renaissance castle in northern Europe, and Kronborg, just 4 kms. from the Swedish coast and where William Shakespeare summoned his most famous play, Hamlet.

Roskilde, the former capital, with its fantastic Gothic Cathedral, declared a World Heritage Site, where lays the tombs of 39 Danish kings and queens; Also in this city, just 45 kms. Copenhagen, we found the Viking Ship Museum, which allows us to know more and better of these formidable and feared marine, who crossed the waters of Europe and beyond in search of loot and treasure.

But there is more, much more, just have an open mind and the desire to know more about this wonderful country, its people, customs, history and everything it has to offer, VISIT DENMARK!